Nature Calling!

My friend Elya, who inspired/motivated me to start this blog, truly belongs in Japanese culture, despite her “whiteness.” Right now, the fashion trend that has caught her latest fancy is called Mori Girl. It has been a rising trend in Japan since 2007 – literally translated, Mori means Forest. So this trend is all about nature, natural colours and textures as well as, I noticed, very vintage inspired. And Elya is all about her accessories!

She showed me a few hair pieces she liked and so I decided to make some pieces for her, inspired by the trend and the pictures she showed me.

This is the first accessory she showed me – very simple and natural: feather & bow headband

And this was my response to that:

Materials for Mori Girl Barrettes

Mori Girl Inspired Barrettes

I also made a piece that was inspired by this vintage lace headband that was a bit too creepy because it looked like ear muffs and one side had a stuffed bear on it (which you can’t see in this image, but if you go to, you will be able to see both sides). My headband was a little bit more colorful than what you would normally find on the streets of Japan for this trend, but I liked how it turned out quite a bit.

*Just a note, I didn’t use all of the flowers I had chosen in the final piece, as it would’ve been too overwhelming and tacky.

Mori Girl Headband Materials

Colorful Mori Girl Lace Headband

The last hair accessory that I made was actually my first vision when Elya talked about Mori Girl fashion. I had a piece of bark in my crafting box for probably over 15 years that I loved the shape of, but never knew what to use it for. Until now! This is, by far, my most enjoyable creation at this time. It spoke to me of nature, vintage, and being girly, but still a simple concept and not overpowering.

*Another note, I didn’t feel the final piece needed all of the beads I had originally chosen, so I saved the 4 clear diamond-like beads for another project to be done before August.

Mori Girl Hair Clip Materials

Pretty Girly Mori Girl Hair Clip

Pretty Girly Mori Girl Hair Clip

All of the items I used I had already – I didn’t need to buy anything for this project. The doily I used was stained – it had been stained by purple candle wax and was completely ruined. I had actually stitched 8 lb. fishing line in the doily to connect unsoiled parts of it in order to hide the fact that it was stained. All of the buttons I used were from a large “collection” I had acquired from my husband’s grandma when we were helping her downsize to move. Any hair accessories I used as the base for the pieces were all ones I hadn’t used in years. The foliage was from wedding centerpieces and Valentine’s chocolate boxes and the dangling pearls in the lace headband were from a pair of clip on earrings that had broken (*remember this last one for that project to be completed before August). The doily in the forest clip was a plain white paper doily, which can be seen in the picture of the materials, but I dyed it in some weak tea overnight, folded it while it was still wet, let it dry, sprayed it with an adhesive spray and then a layer of Scotch Guard – drying time in between, of course – and the final product is what is seen in the completed creation.

The only tools I used to make all of these hair pieces are my trusty low temperature craft glue gun and a sewing needle with 8 lb. fishing line.

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Creativity Showdown!

Two weeks ago (on Wednesday, May 18), I was wearing a lovely blue hair comb at work when one of my coworkers commented that she liked it and that if it was black and white, she would’ve stolen it. Why? Because she was going to a wedding that weekend and the dress and shoes she would be wearing were black and white. She then flippantly said that I should make her a hair accessory for the event.

I told another one of my coworkers about the challenge and she – also being creative – said that she should also make a hair accessory for her. This is how the creativity showdown started.

We both decided to make a hair accessory and showcase them on the Friday and let our coworker decide which one she liked better. Both of us left the project until Thursday and both of us spent about an hour on it. I took a smaller, versatile approach to the challenge, which I viewed as very elegant and not too over the top – it was going to be worn for a wedding, afterall. Our coworker also mentioned that her clutch purse would be silver, so the colors I went with were black, white and silver. When I mentioned versatile, I mean that this piece can be worn 4 different ways! The most obvious way is as a hair accessory. I also secretly inserted a pin within the piece to serve as a pin corsage and I glued a black ribbon onto the back so that it can be worn as a wrist corsage as well as an avant garde choker, if she so chose.

My accessory is on the right.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of my materials before, but here is a list of what I used (they’re all things that I had around my house – nothing was bought):

– metal bun holder (my coworker wears weaves, so I knew her hair was thick enough and mine is not, which is why I didn’t mind parting with it)

– black with a silver glittered side as well as all silver rose petals (leftovers from the centerpieces from my MIL’s wedding)

– ivory colored fake rose with the bottom 3 layers taken off to make it smaller as well as the stem (leftover from a centerpiece from a friend’s wedding)

– pale pink mini pearl garland

– golden doll hair ringlets

– 1″ width ivory ribbon

– black netting (from a bag of flat marbles used at my wedding)

– small green star earring stud (I only had one)

– plastic diamond topped pin (from my bridal bouquet)

– 1/2″ width black ribbon

If I say so myself, I think I did a rather awesome job!  Tell me what you think.

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A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart.

~ Henry Fielding ~

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Fascination with the Fascinator

I watched the Royal Wedding online – I wasn’t crazy enough to stay up to watch it – and became very fascinated with the “Fascinator.” First of all, I had no idea what a fascinator even was until the Royal Wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William & Catherine (Kate) Middleton), at least by name. I like the look of most of the pieces and became very intrigued by them.

With that said, fast forward to last week. My boss will be getting married in August and her stagette is planned for July. She knows how crafty I am – well, she hasn’t seen any of my work, but she can tell I am super pumped and creative – and so she has asked me for some help. Her party will be held at the horse track where the theme has become kind of the Kentucky Derby – the ladies will don dresses and hats. But there’s a catch – my boss doesn’t like hats. So I proposed to make her a fascinator. Something classy and small, and definitely not outrageous. She showed me what she will be wearing – a lovely little number – and so I’m basing my design on the colors and overall look of the dress.

I started working on the concept tonight and was trying to do an “artist’s rendition” on the computer in order to show the overall idea, but I royally failed! I guess the pictures, once I complete it, will have to suffice…

Note: I am only working with material that I have around the house for this project. The only thing I will probably buy is a hair comb to attach the fascinator to the hair, as I do not have any laying around. Unless I decide to use a hair band instead. All of my materials come from craft stuff I already have, recycled items (oops! sorry, “upcycled”) and other items that are neither craft or upcycled. The only thing I will have to buy for this project is some spray paint, starch and possibly the hair comb.

Intrigued yet?

The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.

~Chris Van Allsburg~

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And The Creativity Begins!

I have decided to start this blog to showcase/catalog my creative projects as they happen. I am very blessed with a talent in creativity in many different areas, from designing and making my own wedding invitations and programs to interior design to poetry and advertising copy to cooking and anything in between! I am a quick learner, so most things I put my attention and effort into are picked up – and retained – rather well. This has been very helpful in my schooling as well as in my job. I say “job” because I don’t quite have a career anymore, as I “retired” from my career after 3 years due to too high stress/demands.

But enough about that! This blog is about the future of my creativity.

What I really want to focus on is upcycling. Personally, I don’t like the term – I much prefer to use repurposing, but apparently that is something different.

So what is upcycling? On, the definition is as follows:

Upcycling  is a component of sustainability in which the use of waste materials to provide new products. It is generally a reinvestment in the environment. This process allows for the reduction of waste and use of virgin materials.

“Upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value.”

As much as I don’t like the term, this is exactly what I am focusing on – with other creative projects on the side. Becoming more environmentally conscious, I am often confounded by the amount of waste we produce, especially here in North America. We are a “love it and leave it” society and it breaks my heart to see what we are doing to our environment. I am very blessed to live in a city that leads the way in recycling, composting and otherwise diverting waste from landfills, but I know that this is an advantage that a very small minority have. However, there are people who live here that don’t even take advantage of these services or other independent services that enable gently used items to either be reused or donated to a good cause to be given to someone in need. A walk down neighborhood alleyways around garbage day, especially during Spring cleaning times, makes this reality hit hard.

And this is where I come in!

By my gift of creativity, I am wanting to change the world, one piece of “garbage” at a time. And by producing unique creations, it allows me to further my passion – being creative!

So join me on my journey, won’t you? You may find some inspiration and maybe your own world will start to change as well.

Let the creativity begin!

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